Press Profiles

Press Profiles

These are the top journalists that drive the news cycle, but what drives them? Industry veteran Russell Sherman sits down with some of the most influential journalists in business news to hear their backstories, memorable moments, and latest perspective on the news today. They are used to asking the questions, now we’ll “turn the tables” and get a behind-the-scenes look on how the news gets made.

Recent Episodes

Liz Hoffman: Anecdotes and Insights on Her Journey from The Wall Street Journal to the Global News Start-Up Semafor

June 29, 2022

Liz Hoffman established herself as a leading reporter during 9 years at The Wall Street Journal. Now, she is ready for her next adventure joining the global news start up Semafor where she will lead their business and financ…

David Faber: Developing sources and breaking stories for nearly 30 Years at CNBC

June 15, 2022

David has been a fixture at CNBC for nearly 30 years. On this edition of Press Profiles, we dig deep to discuss how he got into the business, where he learned to develop sources, the story behind his nickname, what it was li…

Alex Lieberman – The Creator of the Morning Brew on the power of smart humor, free swag and tackling mental health issues head on

June 1, 2022

As a senior at Michigan in 2014, Alex Lieberman began a fun, witty newsletter designed to inform his classmates about the world of business. Eight years later, the Morning Brew has almost 3 million subscribers and is a stapl…

Miriam Gottfried: The Wall Street Journal reporter's front row seat to the ubiquitous world of private equity

May 18, 2022

Private Equity is everywhere and Miriam Gottfried, Senior Private Equity Reporter at the Wall Street Journal, has her finger on the pulse of it all. On this edition of Press Profiles, Miriam tells us about her journey from …

Nathan Vardi: The Undefeated Champion of Forbes Cover Stories

May 4, 2022

During his 22-year career at Forbes, Nathan Vardi authored a record number of cover stories. On this edition of Press Profiles, we learn about Nathan’s impressive career and discuss the recipe for a great story. What makes a…